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Arete Strength Athletic Programs

Here's The Low Down

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    Time to Evaluate • Build Lean Mass • Grow Technically•

OFF SEASON training is foundation training.  General sport strength, general sport movement, technical foundation in all major lifts, and Power Posture™ training.  The training volume is high to build a bigger, more powerful version of the athlete.  Increased training intensity, focusing on Olympic lifting  technique, Rebuilding the structure biomechanically for better sport strength and power, and refinement of athletic movement.

  • Energy System Training (ATP-CP/ Glycolytic/ Oxidative)
  • Training Block Focus: Hypertrophy and Strength
  • 3D Core Integration™
  • Power Posture™ Integration
  • Injury Prevention Movement Training
  • Arete Integrated Mobility™

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Off Season Athletic Strength Training

olympic lifting for athletes

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    Increase Intensity • Power Development • Explosive Speed

PRESEASON training focuses on increased intensity to become more powerful, and optimally prepared for the competition season. This phase moves away from a general strength to more sport specific trainng-  Sport specific strength, sport specific movement, sport specific energy systems, training block focus: hypertrophy, strength, & Speed.

  • 3 main training blocks: Hypertrophy, Strength, and Speed
  • Active Recovery and Deload phases
  • Sport Specific Movement
  • 3D Core Intergration™
  • Power Posture Integration™
  • Injury Prevention Movement Training
  • Arete Integrated Mobility™

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Off Season Athletic Strength Training

olympic lifting for athletes

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    Sport Specific Programing • Size/ Strength/ Speed Cycles • Integrated Mobility

IN SEASON training focuses on the athlete as the individual demands of the sport.  Arete Strength's training programs are designed to develop each athlete to perform at the highest level at the required time. Athletic programs are designed to maintain performance levels throughout a season, reduce injury while increasing athletic power for peak performance.

  • Sport Specific Programing
  • Timing Athletic Performance
  • Energy System Training
  • Position Specific Movement Considerations
  • Injury Prevention Movement Training
  • Arete Integrated Mobility

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In season Athletic Strength Training


Coach Erik Johnson

Coach Erik Johnson

/Founder Arete Strength & Arete Throws Nation/ Head Coach/ Technique Super Freak
arete throws nation discus athlete ranked 10th usa

Jason Harrell

Asst Throws and Strength Coach/ Arete Throws Nation athlete- ranked 10th in USA, Discus
Logan Harrell Football strength coach

Logan Harrell

Asst Strength Coach/ Arete Strength Athlete/ CFL & Arena Football/ 2yr San Diego Chargers 



The key to a successful strength training program is one that produces optimal results. For that to happen there must be a thorough understanding of the annual training cycle: Off Season, Preseason, In Season , Post Season. It is imperative to understand the cycle so that each block throughout the year produces maximum results at the right time. All to often, I see young athletes and inexperienced coaches believing that they need to be working on size, strength, speed, and conditioning all simultaneously in each training phase. If this is your training model, then you are on a collision course for athletic destruction.

A well-designed strength program will have its athletes perform at the highest levels when it matters most!

block periodization strength training


In today’s landscape of youth/ high school sports, there is a constant push for athletes to train year round. In order to avoid physical and mental burn out, athletes, parents, and coaches need to understand the goals of each training cycle and phase. You can’t just train and practice hard all the time, all year round and expect exceptional results… in fact, the opposite is more likely to happen.

At Arete Strength, we teach our athletes/ parents/ coaches how the training cycle works; we promote a high level of mental engagement. For those athletes who begin to specialize in one sport (which usually occurs around sophomore or junior year of high school) this understanding of strength training cycles, along with sport specific programs, allows for the highest level of training, without physical, or mental burnout.

If you are shopping for programs and they don’t mention these things, that’s your big red flag that you should be looking for another program.

There is a big difference between being fatigued because you completed a good quality workout, vs. fatigued because you just got beat up from a poorly designed workout.

These are the things can plague an athlete with nagging little injuries, make it extremely difficult to breakthrough strength plateaus, and limit gains in lean mass because the program fails to include periods of rest and recovery methods.

A haphazard strength training program in any sport will kill athletic performance and can quickly lead to burn out, injury or both.

athlete training burnout


Repetitive movements in sports leads to deviations in posture; the key is to avoid hitting the tipping point were this becomes a problem.  If you have regular stiffness or worse sore knees, lower back pain, shoulder or hip pain, you are out of balance.  You are in a state of stress and you best deal with it before it become a serious issue.

Just because you are an athlete, that doesn’t mean you can simply dive into any strength training program and see results. It is fatal to assume that an athlete can perform in a strength training program without any issues. If you think that, you are open to injuries- in the weight room and out. Why? Because most training programs are not taking the time to identify whether or not you- the athlete- is or isn’t ready, or is actually able to perform the program correctly for maximum results.

A quick assessment before you begin a program is a great selling point to get you in the door, but does the program address the outcome of the assessment? Is it an assessment that is looking for the right imbalances, posture deviations, strength ratios? Are there protocols and systems in place to address the imbalances?

Some people will argue that “ the program itself will fix those problems”, which to a degree (a good program) will, but very few programs are actually created to address imbalances; let alone detect them properly.

We attack imbalances, weaknesses, and postural deviations on day one.

Arete Nation athletes have ALL gained from our highly effective assessments. Our athletes begin their program which includes attacking the imbalances, weaknesses, injuries, or postural issues.

Our elite program addresses imbalances rapidly, which is going to improve results rapidly. This is the missing link in most other programs, and one of our defining differences; we ALWAYS address the structural and movement efficiency of the athlete to achieve the goal of greater athletic strength vs. weight room strength.

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Arete Strength Athletic Posture analysis

Reviews From Happy Athletes/ Parents

The Ponzio Family- Jeff, Jamie, Nick, Olivia, & Amanda

"Coach Erik Johnson is a true professional.  He is an expert in what he does and how he goes about training his athletes. He is very friendly, kind, knowledgeable and an exceptional coach and teacher.  Our family feels like Coach Johnson and all the Arete throwers are a part of our family now and we definitely have a bond and support that will go on for many years to come."

The Ponzio Family- Jeff, Jamie, Nick, Olivia, & Amanda
Ryan Bailey- 4x Olympian, Water Polo, 2008 Silver Medalist, 4x NCAA All American, NCAA National Champion Ryan Bailey- 4x Olympian, Water Polo, 2008 Silver Medalist, 4x NCAA All American, NCAA National Champion
Rocky Fenton- 2014 Ca State Champion, Discus

"I got so lucky to have found this place when I did, and to have been guided by Coach Johnson, who has not only gotten me bigger and stronger, but taught me to push and work my hardest and strive to be my absolute best.  Never would I have thought I'd be able to attend on of the best Universities in the nation on a track scholarship, without Coach Erik Johnson, it would not have been possible."

Rocky Fenton- 2014 Ca State Champion, Discus
MATT KATNIK, 2015 Ca State Champion- Shot Put 72'3 MATT KATNIK, 2015 Ca State Champion- Shot Put 72'3"

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CHAMPION PROGRAM: 2-5x wk/ 90 min Training Sessions

Elite level Strength training programs designed specifically to the biomechanics and athletic demands of each individual sport

Schedule Training Sessions from 2X to 5X a week

Monthly fees include the $60 gym fee and athlete insurance

  • Posture Re-balancing
  • Injury prevention Techniques
  • Integrated Mobility
  • Technical foundation development for all major lifts
  • Sport Movement mechanics
  • Functional Strength development
  • Functional Core development 
  • Sport Specific Strength Development
  • Sport training cycles for Off-season, Pre-season, In-season.
  • Sport Nutrition Basics


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