Every year, thousands of talented athletes fail to achieve their MAXIMUM potential. Don’t let that happen to you!

There’s a formula for achieving everything you’re capable of. Knowing it, is one thing… executing it, is another. Sadly, the majority of coaches and athletes fail to understand all the requirements for success or simply lack the resources to implement them. Why? Because it takes years of focus and most simply don’t have the time or the understanding of where to start.

2008 Olympic Silver Medalist Ryan Bailey- ARETE Athlete

Achieving maximum potential in competition requires more than lifting weights, and doing stock plyometrics.   Your program must Include, Neuro-motor technical development, connective tissue management, spinal alignment, energy system development, hormone modulation, proper diet and supplementation, and a comprehensive understanding of their synergistic relationship.

The Arete Athletic Performance program is the result of years of athletic experience, applied training, and study based on the most respected names in the world of sports science. Verkhoshansky, Abadjiev, Bundarchuck, Poliquin, and many others.

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All Arete Athletic performance coaching programs include

Integrated NueroMotor Resistance Training

BioSignature  Modulation Hormone Analysis.

Diet and supplementation programs

Therapeutic Connective tissue and Recovery Methods

Gold Programs start @ $300 per month.
Platinum Programs start @ $1500 per month and include lab testing, Massage Therapy, and Athletic Trainer care with our Arete partners.

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