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Arete Baseball for Pitchers

Arete Athlete Garrett Kraemer signed with Sacramento State in 2011

There is one thing that, once learned, will finally give you breakthrough performance – every single game. This one thing is the cornerstone of “elite” college and professional athletic training programs that local “sport training”  and “factory fitness” programs just aren’t equipped for.

They don’t have the knowledge background. They don’t have the properly trained and experienced staff for it. And the result is that you, the baseball player, are left behind with a knowledge gap.

At Arete we help baseball players remove the “glass ceiling” that limits the ability to Become Something Greater.

The baseball player who is faster, stronger, and who moves better, will rise above the rest.

Using in-depth testing techniques, we gather the information necessary to move towards breakthrough performance on the diamond. Our 7 component system will allow a baseball player to produce consistent breakthrough performance. Every single game.

Strength Training for Baseball Players:

  • Incorporate movements that increase rotational hitting power & speed
  • Sport Nutrition to increase lean mass and reduce body fat.
  • Strength development for rotator cuff stability to improve throwing velocity, accuracy, and power
  • Learn to create  speed for better fielding and improved on-base percentage

Arete’s custom strength training programs for Pitchers allows the baseball pitcher to increase training capacity by increasing strength and movement efficiency through the trunk, hips, and shoulder to improve throwing velocity via biomechancial efficiency, plus increase recovery between outings. Specific analysis of the athlete’s throwing motion indicates which muscles and patterns of movement must be strengthened for greater throwing power and accuracy. Translation- Less stress and faster recovery reduces injury and increases player value.


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