Specialized Strength Training For Athletes and Better Sports Performance In Orange County

Everyone claims they are the “go to” strength training program for sports performance… but are they?

How would know if you were in the presence of greatness? Or worse… mediocrity? Sadly athletes from youth to pro can’t tell the difference.  One way to know is to find out if their program is general or specific.

It’s not hard to see the  pitfalls of other strength training programs that focus on a one-size-fits-all philosophy.  This factory assembly line style of training will have all their athletes, no matter what sport they play, doing the same thing, over and over again.  By repeating exercises you already do with your team program athletes increase injury potential, slower recovery times, and imbalances in functional movement, power, and agility.

At Arete Strength, you will experience specialized strength training, which allows you to achieve YOUR maximum athletic potential.

Strength Training for Sports

Our Specialized Strength Training program empowers our athletes to achieve maximum sport performance by focusing on power and speed, techniques for quicker recovery times, and advanced sports nutrition.

Arete’s Specialized Strength Training Programs analyze the unique individual needs of each sport. Some sports require more rotational than linear strength, while each tend to have specific and common overuse issues from baseball pitchers, to hockey players, to track and field throwers that limit training results and often lead to unnecessary injuries during the season.

Arete Strength Coaches are focused on sport specific strength training, addressing structural balance, movement efficiency, proper Olympic lifting techniques, recovery & connective tissue work, and proper sports nutrition/ supplement protocols.

Arete Strength’s specialized strength training program is ideal for young athletes, age 14 and up, looking for elite level coaching to compliment and enhance their current team, or event training program.

Avoid the same robotic strength programs that fail to deliver results, quit wasting your time with injury enhancing movements, and stop partaking in B.S. nutrition plans and under performing supplement protocols.





To book a consult, you can email or call (949-542-5100). We will gather about your sport goals, and  get you on the calendar for a Free Evaluation.