What keeps you from playing your best game? Speed? Endurance? Power? 

The tennis player requires speed, power, and honed reaction skills for hours on end. Arete Strength’s IPT7 (Integrated Performance Training) will show you what stands between your hard work and your maximum potential.

Do you confuse intense training with greater tennis performance?

The tennis court can take its toll and you need to discover what you can do to take your game to the next level.  Discover how our system teaches you how to improve in 7 areas of training that enable record setting tennis performance every single match.

Stop looking at “factory training & fitness” programs where you’re just another body doing the same thing as everyone else.

To get to the next level, let the the Bio-mechanical & movement specialists at Arete Strength show you how to:

Eliminate elbow, shoulder and hip pain.

Develop the right kind of strength to enhance your serving and return efficiency.

Increase serving speed and accuracy

Amplify Backhand power

Vastly improve tournament endurance

Recover faster and reduce fatigue


Sign up for FREE needs analysis with Coach Johnson and take your game to the next level – If you’ve got talent, we’ll maximize it.  Guaranteed!  (949)542-5100 or Contact Us by Email.