In a sea of talented athletes, what’s going separate you from everyone else?    

Arete Strength’s IPT7 (Integrated Performance Training) will show you the 7 areas that stand between your hard work and your maximum potential.

Do you confuse intensity with performance?

Whether you play indoor or on the beach, you need to discover what’s keeping you from taking your game to the next level.This is a game about power, agility, control and dynamic reaction.  Working smarter is a science. Discover how our system teaches you to improve 7 areas of training that enable record setting performance every single game.

Stop looking at “factory training & fitness” programs where you’re just another body doing the same thing as everyone else.

To get to the next level, let the the Bio-mechanical & movement specialists at Arete Strength show you how to:

  • Reduce the instance of Knee and shoulder injuries
  • The real secret to improving Vertical jumping ability
  • Fuel your body to gain strength and lower body fat.
  • Train to develop dynamic reaction ability
  • The secret to instant improvement in range of motion
  • Increase every aspect of your ability… EVERY WEEK!

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