Are You Seeing The Bigger Picture?

The  top 2 complaints I hear from our athletes, parents of our athletes and clients are:

#1   “I can’t afford to shop for all these whole foods,

cook and prepare every meal, and constantly be eating healthy.”


#2  “I just don’t have the time!”  

Hmmm, this is a problem, but what is taking up all your time? Is is work? School? Well, no one works 15 hour days and school isn’t from 6am to 9 pm, unless you attend school in Korea…yes, school hours are really that long there.

Watch this 20 minute mini film and then ask yourself again-

“Do I have time in my week to Become Something Greater?”

P.S. the answer is:  HELL YEAH YOU DO!

Keep Fueling The Machine,

Jennifer Johnson, CCN, CRN

Director of Nutrition, Arete Strength

Jennifer has been studying and researching nutrition for 8 years and counting.  She is very passionate about educating as many people as possible about the Real TRUTH when it comes to food, and how it impacts the body, ones health, and the environment.  If you don’t want to know what your putting into your body, then don’t ask her to lunch.