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Hi Coach Erik here, from Arete Strength…

Photos Illustration by Russell Yip; illustration by Erick Wong

I just have to say the the most overlooked and under rated part of an athletes regimen we have found, is in the food they put in their bodies.  You are, after alI, what you eat! The quality of what you eat, determines the quality of everything else you do as an athlete and your level of stamina, performance and competitiveness.

I believe that the most important focus in an athlete’s life is the health of his or her body.  To eat the most nutrient packed foods, take the world’s top quality supplements & vitamins will allow for optimal strength gains, faster recovery, better agility and flexibility of the body. This is priority #1 in order to achieve your individual maximum potential.

To be a coach means to hold you accountable to levels that you would not otherwise hold yourself to, it is to make you aware of the things that are holding you back and provide answers, motivation and encouragement towards your goals and bring you to your peak performance as an athlete. That’s what I DO…

This is your Sports Nutrition Coach speaking…

  • GO ORGANIC!!! You have no idea  how important this is, and how big of a difference it will make in your overall health and athletic performance.  Your body is built to process natural foods.  Everything foreign, toxic, coated with pesticides, dyes or processed just gets in the way and takes away from building pure, lean muscle, endurance and the all important ENERGY needed from the demands of becoming something greater!
  • CUT OUT GLUTEN – This is the protein that is added to the Wheat that is in many of the products we eat today.  Breads, pastas, crackers, cereals and grains… once thought to be a healthy part of our diet is now just the opposite because it has been so radically modified, it has been stripped of nutrients and actually interferes with the bodies ability to perform and heal.  This takes effort but try cutting it out for 30 days!  YOU will notice a difference… and HEY!… no WHINING! We have a list of healthy and delicious alternatives!
  • DAIRY – Just when you thought it was safe.  I am going to tell you like it is, and DAIRY no longer “does a body good”! For many the same reasons as above our cows that provide all the goodness of milk, ice cream and cheeses are injected with some nasty stuff.  Including antibiotics, growth hormones, chemicals and pesticides.  How could this not affect your performance and health? If you must have milk, go organic, if at all possible find healthy alternatives. We can provide you with a list just email us!
  • Avoid SIMPLE SUGAR – Regular sugar intake lowers your testosterone levels… This keeps both males and females lean and strong….need I say more.
  • EAT VEGETABLES! – These are the carbs you need to focus on. Packed with nutrients that help you recover faster to build lean, strong muscle!

Do we still have you? Or did we lose you at GO ORGANIC?  Truth is you may be hearing more about what I mentioned above, and be curious, but I am only scratching the surface.  I have studied nutrition, performance and dig deep for the facts so my clients don’t have to.  The FACTS are horrifying and even worse they are true.  We will be writing more posts in detail to make you so aware of what you are putting in your body… that your only choice will be to make a better choice!

That is what we are here for, as your strength coach and sports nutrition coach and lets be honest, the kick-ass coach you need to make the best choices about your body so that you can perform better than the rest.

So don’t miss reaching your peak as an athlete because of what you put in your mouth, you have worked too hard. Call Us at  (949)542-5100 or  CONTACT US for a list of alternatives, recipes or come in and I’ll set you straight… it’s fairly painless!  (The setting you straight part anyway.)

This is a such an important topic, come back often as we will be adding life and performance changing information regularly on sports nutrition!

Oh and don’t forget to eat your veggies!!! (a lot of them, all the time)

Coach Erik