Is Your Best Performance Just Out of Your Reach?
#1 Weakness that Holds Athletes Back

At Arete we work with Athletes and busy executives and professionals who are looking to keep the competitive edge on and off the field.

While their offices might be different, they have one thing in common…

Both invest in performance!

We see clients of all ages and stages of development, we see clients who have invested a lot to be the best…  clients who are smart about their bodies and how to use them.

Yet… no matter how long, how strong or how much our clients have invested before they meet me, they all  have a common weakness that is holding them back.  It is the most overlooked opportunity in sports performance and in my industry…

Structural Imbalances

You know the saying you are only as strong as your weakest link…

For the life of me… I can’t figure out how other fitness, sports, strength and performance coaches out there miss the boat on this one!

Truth is, it is easy to get caught up in the hype of some specific technique or program that sounds explosive or specific to a sport or result.

Here are some examples, I have a high school sophomore baseball pitcher who is strong in all his dominant muscles.  As a pitcher, his left side (as a left handed pitcher) is overdeveloped,  while his core and less dominant side is weak.  This spells a plateau in performance and inconsistencies that undermine his strength and confidence.

We also have a high school soccer player… her family has invested a lot in helping her reach her potential.  They trusted a local sports specific program that never even identified the weaknesses only adding more to what was already strong. Leaving her open to injuries and never really making enough progress to justify all the work and money being spent.  In just 5 weeks of addressing the weaknesses… her performance has been explosive.

Just as a side note… over 20,000 high school girls that play sports each year experience significant knee injuries that very well could have been prevented by focusing on structural balance.

You might relate to another client… she is a busy professional, has invested in a lot of programs to keep her in shape over her lifetime.  Program after program the one area she wanted results… her hips and thighs never changed in fact while trying to get leaner they were just getting bigger!  By strengthening other less dominant muscles and addressing nutrition, for the first time, the results are visible!


We do… that is why we assess every athlete, every client.  Not just by their strengths, their sport or their goals, but by finding the weak link and making it strong through balanced and strategic strength training and conditioning, hormone analysis, nutrition through whole foods and the best sports supplements available if needed and a lot of other fancy words and techniques that are just something you have to experience!

If your program is missing any piece, or isn’t addressing the weaknesses.  You will never perform at your best!  Why invest if not to be the best?

We offer a no obligation assessment, we think you will hear something new, we think it will change you life, your health, your performance… what do you have to lose?

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Coach Erik