Arete Guide to Protein Powders For Better Sports Performance

Whey-ta minute

That Improve Sports Performance and body composition.

Not All Protein Powders are Created Equal

Its the new year and everyone has vowed to improve something for the better.  Athletes are no different. Most of the time i find that athletes decide they are going to get serious about what they are putting in their body. And the one thing they all believe that they need to cram into their gullet is WHEY PROTEIN.

Its why all athletes spend a lot of money on crappy protein supplements. Protein shakes morning, noon, and night. Are they right? Yes and No.


The sport performance protein powder business is a 10.6 billion dollar industry, and each and every product promises amazing weight and muscle gain, and that their product is the best one on the market. With all that money comes the ability to hire your own doctors, lab researchers, and marketing departments, all who are invested in the profits of the corporation. With that in mind, you must pay attention to what you buy.

The one thing no corporation can buy is the scientific, biological fact of how the body will react to any of the products out there, good or bad. You can manipulate the body with steroids, trick it with chemicals for hormone mimicry and stimulation, and be persuaded by testimonials whose motivations for their “experiences” will most likely not be revealed.

 At Arete Strength, we want the best for our athletes. We will always choose the health of our athletes over marketing hype. With that said, read on and decide what is right for you…

What you must consider when selecting a protein powder is the conversion rate of amino acids to protein; also does your body have the ability to convert the amino acids to protein efficiently.

1. Whey Protein: If you want to take a whey protein powder, buy the top of the line, most pure of pure product ever: Organic, grass fed, cold processed (low heat) pure whey without any casein proteins or milk isolates or soybean/ oil. YOU DEFINITELY GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR IN WHEY PROTEIN. According to the Journal of Biochemistry, whey protein does promote muscular protein synthesis. Whey protein is a fast-digesting protein and is absorbed into the body in as little as an hour.

A lot of whey protein powders contain casein (milk protein). Casein, a slow-digesting protein- due to its large sized molecule- and can take as long as seven hours to digest. This length of time to digest is what makes most people feel bloated or gassy, among many other symptoms and also creates a toxic sludge in the intestines, not what we would like to see in our athletes.

THE BEST WHEY WILL BE WHEY ISOLATE WITH HYDOLYSATES (has the addition of digestive enzymes to aid in assimilation).

One major factor with any whey protein is your ability to digest it without any intolerance in the digestive tract. Will you still see results? Maybe, it depends on how your body tolerates, processes, and assimilates the protein molecules. Many people can tolerate pure whey protein powders, but most will experience negative symptoms.

Here are the most common side effects:

gas, bloating, ingestion, acne, poor sleep, headaches, irritability, or mood swings.

The best way to see if your body can process the whey or casein protein molecule is to have a blood test by US Laboratories for a test called the LEAP MRT or simply MRT, or a Cross Reactivity Test by Cyrex Labs: ALL of which can be ordered through Arete Strength.

Dairy products and bi-products are also very acidic in the body, and your goal as an elite athlete is to maintain an alkaline body for optimum recovery from training and developing strong, functional muscles. So if you choose whey protein, be sure to focus on balancing your nutritional health by consuming a lot of high alkaline foods such as veggies, fruits and Arete Athlete shakes like the Chocolate Monkey.

2. Soy protein: TOTAL SCAM! Soy protein powders have a lot of issues to consider, for example, for humans, soy is a toxin; it slows down the metabolism, and has hormonal estrogen effects on the body. Not to mention it is one of the top 2 most chemically treated and Genetically Modified plants on earth; and frankly…it should not be consumed, period.

3. Raw Hemp protein: Hemp that is raw and unprocessed, is an amazing source of essential amino acids and omega fatty acids with fiber and is best suited for human assimilation without acidity. In addition to the 15-23% protein content of hemp, it also contains essential minerals including Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium and Sulphur. Hemp seeds also provide Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s), Linoleic Acid (LA), and Linolenic Acid (LNA); as well as containing Gamma Linolenic acid (GLA).

If you have kidney, liver, or digestive issues, then hemp protein is the best source of protein over whey or soy. Raw Hemp Protein powders are very nutrient dense, and therefore, you will not have to consume massive amounts as in a Whey protein powder protocol; mostly because the body can convert and utilize hemp more readily in the body.

Hemp Proteins are very easy to digest and absorbed by the body. The conversion from amino acids to protein is seamless, and due to the bonus of fiber, your systemremains high functioning without acidity! With that being said, you do not have to double down on this plant-based protein thinking you will equal an animal protein. Hemp is efficient, takes less energy to digest and utilize in the body, and can hold its own in your system to build muscle, and absorb all its amazing nutrients!


HOWEVER- NOT EVERYONE CAN TOLERATE HEMP PROTEIN! A Cyrex Lab Array 4 (available at Arete Strength) will give you the answers to whether you can process and assimilate this amazing protein or if it is what has been keeping you back from your full human performance potential.


4. Brown Rice Proteins and Yellow Pea Proteins are also high quality, and are very similar to hemp’s nutritional power; not to mention they are low in allergic reactions, easily digestible, and again convert easily in the body. Sun Warrior Protein Powder is a good rice based protein powder for athletes and it contains a power punch of nutrients. Vega Sport and all Vega products also have amazing amounts of nutrients, probiotics, and are easily absorbed in the system. Let’s face it, if your gut and lower intestines are not healthy and absorbing nutrients, your body will not gain lean muscle mass efficiently, your neurological system will be slower, and your organs will not function optimally.

A bonus of consuming hemp, rice or pea protein is that it does not contain any of the hormones, antibiotics, or chemicals associated with animals and their by-products.

Make no mistake, this is a very in-depth topic and has many layers. For more details and much more information, please see and stay tuned for our additional videos and interviews on this topic and many more like it.


WHEY: Poliquin- Whey Stronger vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry






HEMP: Nutiva- 15g protein (the 15g type has some fiber removed to make it easier to blend)






BROWN RICE: Sun Warrior Protein Powder 







Veggie Protein: MRM Veggie Protein Powder







RAW PROTEIN POWDER: Vega Sport Protein  and  







RawMeal by Garden of Eden – this one tastes great and is plant based





The final decision is ultimately up to you, the athlete. As your coaches, it is our job to give you the most accurate and informed facts about nutrition we can and with that being said, the foods and beverages you choose throughout the day should always coincide with your goal. Hope this helped.

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