BE A QUITTER- For Optimum Sports Nutrition and Performance

When It Comes To Optimal Sports Nutrition-



QUIT complaining that to eat a nutritious meal totally blows.


 QUIT skipping breakfast. Not fueling a body after it has been resting for 7-8 hours is stupid. You need fuel to move, to think, and to perform!

QUIT eating processed foods with ingredients you can’t pronounce or spell.


QUIT hanging on to those under performing crappy fast food items and processed foods that are eating YOU!


QUIT crying over not eating dairy… hey, I didn’t f*ck it up by injecting it with hormones, antibiotics, and estrogenic, cancer causing agents.


QUIT selecting high sugar foods as “a quick bite”, trust me they bite back!!!


QUIT saying “I’ll start eating better on Monday, I have plans this weekend”. Why? Does Monday have a cosmic force that will propel you to a more intelligent state of understanding that fast food SUCKS?


QUIT telling yourself, “Everything in moderation.” That is an old excuse for people to continue doing bad habits they intelligently know are not good for them.


QUIT thinking Energy Drinks are harmless, newsflash: THEY AREN’T!


QUIT thinking that large chain restaurants are better quality than fast food.  It’s the same food only they give you a napkin, a fork and a server.


QUIT ignoring your body’s signals that your nutrition and certain foods you are eating are making you under perform, slow, and fat. Acne, bloating, loose stools, achy joints, tight muscles, dandruff, earaches, sinus allergies, headaches, dry skin, oily skin, stinky body odor, stinky feet, stomach cramps-what more do you need???


QUIT believing the hype! You see it EVERYDAY! Claims for the new MUSCLE MASS POWDER with a alpha testosterone name like “Ball Buster Blast” or “Megatron Gladiator Muscle Milk”.   Muscle Fitness books, diet/ muscle gainer info commercials, Weight training programs based on no knowledge, Body Builder “gurus”, and zero fat meat heads. If they were preaching the truth, then every athlete in America would look like The Roc!


QUIT listening to what you WANT to hear and start understanding the TRUTH! If anyone says “Eat whatever you want”,”Dirty Bulk Bro!” AND STILL BE A COLLEGIATE OR PRO ATHLETE is a liar, and can also sell you beach front property in Nevada.


QUIT debating the science.  If scientists and medical researchers, whose life work is in the field of biology and nutrition, perform hundreds of independent studies showing how gluten, dairy, and soy can affect human health and it’s role in countless diseases, and you took a lab to show you have an adverse reaction to the gluten, casein, and soy protein molecules….then YES, that 1 bite of pizza will jack up your entire immune system, cause gut dysbiosis, possibly affect your equilibrium (ataxia), and you will not reach your TRUE ATHLETIC POTENTIAL  or weight goals.


QUIT saying you want to be the best when your actions say… Not really.


Be a Quitter, by Jennifer Johnson, Director of Nutrition for Arete Strength, CN, CSN, CRN