Sports Nutrition Insights #1

When you become an athlete or client at Arete, we believe in providing you with information that educates you. The more you know, the easier it is to understand whether or not your actions are helping or hindering your performance & efforts to achieve your maximum potential.

Make no mistake, what you eat greatly impacts your ability to perform. Be sure to check out the this article I just posted on our facebook page. I first read this a year ago and after a conversation with one of my clients on Monday ( who was quickly very concerned about the quality of the meat he was eating… and rightfully so) I decided to look it up and post it for people to review. Check out the Arete Strength Face book page now.

Needless to say, Sports nutrition isn’t as simple as some people would like to believe, but too often being able to choose better foods that deliver what you’re looking for is a matter of having better information.

To learn more about how to eat right for your sport and weight training needs feel free to contact us.

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