With Americans spending about $65 Billion last year on diets and weight loss programs you would think we would be a nation of fitness gods.  Sadly, almost all of them are uninformed and caught in the diet and food industry trap.

REAL WHOLE food is not complicated to stay at a healthy weight, however, food like products are very complicated and make it impossible to maintain a healthy weight and stay disease free.

This blog can be 100 pages long explaining all the ways the diet industry, food industry, and pharmaceutical industry all contribute to the reason our nation is so messed up, but I’m going to start with just the top 5 that are holding you back!




Focusing on being as healthy as you possibly can will automatically have you eating the right foods, free of carcinogenic chemical preservatives, pesticides, high saturated fats, fake fats, high sugars, food coloring, fake sugar, stimulate ingredients, addicting chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, and secret ingredients that are so scary they get the honor of being called “secret”.

Real food, you know, the stuff that doesn’t require a label or fancy packaging, is nutrient dense, loaded with live enzymes for a boost to the immune system, a protein source you can utilized and digest quickly, calcium you body recognizes as true calcium, promotes health, radiance, sky rockets the immune system, creates stress shields, and prevents pesky viruses, bacteria, and parasites from invading you.

Your state of mind is better when you focus on being healthy.  A weight loss thinker is controlled on calories; is always thinking of restriction and suffering.  A health conscious thinker is always seeking ways to get the most out of everything they eat, drink, and do, therefore, foods are nutrient dense, drinks hydrate, and actions are pro a healthy body and mind.

If you put tons of the good stuff in to your daily life, there is no time to waste on the bad stuff.  You begin to think better, your energy levels increase, you see everything around you differently, and you look great too!


If you’re not planning, you’re planning to fail. This is the most important rule for a proper weight LOSS and health management. Always have your snacks ready, create a schedule and plan where your meals will be. Schedule grocery shopping, make a menu for 3 days and gradually move up to a week. Prioritize food as #1 in your life and make it fun- try new foods, new HEALTHY ways of making old favorites, and take time for you.  Having a plan keeps you prepared to eat at optimal times of the day for proper fat burning. There are no excuses on this one.

If you have kids or a pet, you have a plan on what and when they eat? Understand, YOU are no different and just as important. Besides, you will be a better person for it, because your blood sugars will be level and this will keep you a lot less moody, cranky, or tired.  If you’re serious about reaching your optimal health, you have to put in the effort.


As a nutritionist, I hear it all the time, “I want to lose weight because how I’m eating and drinking is making me fat, but I don’t want to change how I eat”.  Sounds crazy right? As crazy as it sounds, everyone does it at least once.  It is usually when I recommend taking out a “food like product” that is not benefiting this person at all.

Another strange way of thinking I hear is, “I will eat my favorite “naughty foods” in moderation, and when I do, I will beat the piss out of myself at the gym or run it all off.”  This is a yoyo way of thinking and it scientifically does not work.

What tends to happen is after a night of mayhem, most people will eat very strict and keep it to salads, go work out hard and think “Nailed it!”-but it’s not the magic bullet.

So, basically, if your goal is weight loss or just better health, then you must change what you do, how you think, and let go of what you THINK you know. Let go of old habits that got you where you are and embrace new ideas and learn. When it comes to a change in your health for the better: Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.


images-174. FOR THE LAST TIME:



If I had a dime for every time I heard this mantra I’d be writing this blog from my yacht in the Caribbean Sea.  The calorie theory is part of the diet trap and it is only ½ of the pie.  Calories have their place in weight loss, but it is a lot easier to focus on the quality of food you are eating than keeping tract of calories like a food accountant.

If you simple pay attention to ingredients, you’re on your way to break the chains that bind you.  Ingredients like hydrogenated oils, BHT, Sodium Nitrates/Nitrites, Monosodium Glutamte (MSG), Sodium Carboxymythcellulose, Food coloring (yellow 6, Blue lake, Red 40 lake and so on), Asulfame potassium (aspartame), acesulfame K, Phenylketonurics,   sorbitol, Glycerol, and this is just the tip of the iceberg!!!!



This is the most challenging thing I ask of my clients, even more challenging than telling them to avoid dairy and gluten….since that stresses them out too!

Have you ever sat at your desk or be in the kitchen or in traffic and wish the world could just pause for a day? After thinking this, would you catch up on all the work you are behind in or just relax? 9 out of 10 times people will say to me that they would catch up on work! How is that a stress reducer?

Stress is a killer- literally.

There is so much research on this topic it would blow your mind to read it all.  In fact, one time I was studying a documentary on stress and it was stressful to learn as I saw how stressed I get too.

When you are feeling stressed, you stop paying attention to the present moment and you are completely focused on the future results of whatever is stressing you out.  This is not a good feeling or a peaceful feeling, so , humans “intelligently” seek out ways to distract that feeling.  For some it is drugs, others it is a drink, but for many it is food, but not just any food, high fat, sugary and salty food.


No one says, “Ugh, I’m so stressed out, I need a salad!”. Instead, you want to make yourself feel better, bring happiness, so you turn to those foods that do that; chocolate, pizza, a glass of wine, or chips. That little reward that says “it’s okay, feel better”.

In my Kick Ass Nutrition Boot Camp we address this topic and I give many strategies on how to not only eat in a way that allows you to manage stress better, but tip and things you can do to feel less stress or reduce it when it creeps up on you


Here’s a fact for you on one of the topics on stress:

 Habits, Not Cravings,

Drive Food Choices During Times Of Stress


images-11In a nutshell, think about these 5 things and how they play out in your every day life.  Being aware of yourself is a huge step to a healthier body.   Educating yourself about foods and food choices not only promote proper weight and inner health, but you will radiate it on the outside too.