TRAIN with PURPOSE :: There’s More to Performance & Strength Training that every Athlete Needs to Know!

Time and time again…

I have new, dedicated, young athletes and kids come in to my program after months or even years of training with other so called “professionals”  in the strength and performance training industry… only to find they still have bad technique, they are seriously out of balance, with weak posture ( which we refer to as structural imbalance), poor nutrition and diet and the list, unfortunately  goes on.

It’s a real peeve of mine… after all these kids are investing their futures and the parents are investing their trust and hard earned dollars… shouldn’t you be getting the real deal?

Here is what I mean…

Here at Arete, I’ve seen virtually everything and with over a decade of experience I am always shocked when someone like one of my 17 year old athletes, Taylor, who is a prep school hockey player comes in with a common challenge I see.   He needed to gain 10 pounds in just 5 weeks and he was 6.5% body fat coming in, and could lose weight just looking at a squat rack. His parents brought him in after scouting out various other well-known athletic training studios in the area.  With a history of not being able to gain weight, this was first and foremost on his parents minds and not really addressed in a way that had made sense by other trainers so far.  When he came through my doors, we started with a different approach, realizing it was also imperative that not only he gain the much needed mass, but also become faster, stronger and healthier.  Unlike others, we start at the start… not on the floor, but with a simple test to determine digestion for each client, and each athlete.


Is this news to you? It shouldn’t be if you are in any type of training!  Digestion is the key to making gains in strength and size…. If you can’t break down food, you can’t get the necessary nutrients needed to gain lean mass.

In the first 3 weeks with our lean hockey player, we dialed things and personalized his training to his goals, crafted a simple supplement program, that included key supplements to improve gut health to aid in digestion and get the serious nutrients he needed that had been lacking all this time.  We also had him on a 4 day a week strength training program that includes the all-important but often missed by others, recovery techniques, and bingo…

He gained the weight!

What may surprise you, is the most important key that others missed was that by just eliminating certain foods that statistically irritate the gut. Bam-O! he gained 7 lbs and only put on .5% body fat. So he was 7% body fat at the end of 5 weeks and 7 scale pounds heavier.

Mind you Taylor wasn’t  a super big guy at about 5’8 and 138.   This was pretty considerable, because he hadn’t gained 7 lbs in the previous year and he did it in 5 weeks.  He was stronger in every lift, He was squatting 245 for 5 at 145 lbs.


The true test came when he went back to a 3 week hockey camp. Upon his return, he had maintained every single pound, impressed his coaches, and dominated everyone in their strength workouts and conditioning tests.

So he was bigger, stronger, faster, and was maintaining it.

The moral to this story, and there are many more just like it….  is, there is more to gaining weight than eating, carbs, junk food and every calorie that is within reach. You want to gain mass, but you don’t want to be a slob about it and it is unbelievable that these kids walk in after being told “ Eat, Eat, Eat”, but no one tells them what to Eat, or even worse, tells them the wrong things to eat which is completely counterproductive.

There is a purpose behind everything we do at Arete,  we teach and train with PURPOSE, and once our clients commit to a program they see the RESULTS better and faster than ever before.

If you are looking to TRAIN with PURPOSE and realize your POTENTIAL, let’s start with your digestion test and see what’s going on!  Call us at (949)542-5100 or CONTACT US via Email.