Name:                         Mackenzie Flynn

Stats:                           17 years old, 5’4”, 128 pounds

Goals:                         Increase strength and performance

Starting Point:          

  • 24% body fat
  • Structural imbalances
  • Knee pain
  • Small back pain
  • Short pec major and minor
  • Weak scap muscles

Approach Taken:     

We immediately ran a posture profile and could see where things were missing which were inhibiting her speed. Due to the nature of the game, we could see common aspects of medial rotation and abductions, which indicates that both scap retractors and external rotators are weak causing an overdevelopment of the chest muscles. Her pec major and pec minor were short and the posterior scap muscles were weak.

We worked on creating structural balance to correct the imbalances and improve mechanics. We switched her to Olympic lifting and began work on snatches and cleans. Within a matter of weeks, she had improved her strength levels tremendously due to her technique.

We worked on correcting her knee positioning to alleviate pain in her knee and small back. We did targeted work for the hamstrings, which corrected the angle of her pelvis and helped her generate more speed and power.

We focused on weight training techniques using squats. We did back squats, split position squats, single leg squats, and worked up. Over a period of time, we worked her into jumping positions to create more explosion and dynamic movement.

We integrated recovery techniques focusing on which muscles to facilitate, the myofascial release, using different things from the different tools we provide to target different muscles. The tight dominant muscles were targeted with her release techniques and weak muscles were targeted with strengthening techniques.

We put Mackenzie on branch chain amino acids and a multivitamin, timed correctly with the right serving of pregame and postgame magnesium supplementation. We increased her food intake and have made her much more conscious of which foods are better for her and those she should avoid.

Progress Achieved:  

  • Weight down to 126 pounds
  • Body fat down to 20%
  • Landed a position on the varsity squad
  • More dominant and physical player
  • Increased speed
  • Increased confidence