BE A QUITTER- For Optimum Sports Nutrition and Performance

When It Comes To Optimal Sports Nutrition- BE A QUITTER!   QUIT complaining that to eat a nutritious meal totally blows.    QUIT skipping breakfast. Not fueling a body after it has been resting for 7-8 hours is stupid. You need fuel to move, to think, and to perform! QUIT eating processed foods with ingredients you can’t…

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Eat Smarter Than Your Competition: Functional Nutrition for Athletes

You train your ass off, you never miss a practice, you are at every competition, you take supplements and make protein shakes, all to achieve your goal of being the best at whatever sport you do.  It’s important to you to be coached by the best and it’s their specialized knowledge that enhances your abilities…

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Ali- Motivated

Each day I talk to my athletes and clients about “wanting it”. The desire to be great has to exist if you really want to achieve everything you are capable of. I came across this video a few months back, and today one of my athletes came across it and sent it to me today…

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