Dirty Little Secrets in the MEAT & Food Industry…
are hindering your PERFORMANCE, ENERGY & HEALTH

At Arete, were pretty straightforward about nutrition and how important it is to your ability to perform at your maximum level as an athlete or even a busy professional.  The last thing you need is to be adding toxins and chemicals to your body that are known cause of cancer, nervous system disorders, immune disorders and overall everyday symptoms that get int he way of sleeping, performing, focus and general feelings of lethargy and mental fog.

Just in case you thought it was safe to keep doing what your doing, we thought we show you some shocking secrets from not only the grocery store  but some popular fast food restaurants:

Is this what your picking up in your market?


We found countless reports, articles and studies that show the BIG Industry of Food & Meat in an efforts to be convenient and preserved are poisoning our bodies in the process.

When people come to us to get healthy, lose weight or achieve their dreams as athletes… they have to stop poisoning their bodies.

As a service to our clients and athletes we provide healthy recipes, approved restaurants and meals and suggested shopping lists that when followed are a very key ingredient in producing HEALTH, ENERGY, STAMINA, SPEED & PERFORMANCE…

Not to mention a SOLID BODY & MIND… without the fuzziness of body and mind altering preservatives, chemicals, additives and other huge inhibitors to health.

Call us to schedule a Complimentary Session today and get on track with Nutrition with an Arete approved Shopping and Food Guide!  You’ll be happy you did!  (949)542-5100  or CONTACT US by Email.