Eat with Purpose :: Processed vs. Whole Foods
What you put in your body… effects everything!


You may notice that while we are all about performance and strength for our athletes, we do not let any of our clients off easy, on what they put in their body and here’s why…  Our clients come to us for one reason, and that is RESULTS… TO BECOME SOMETHING GREATER, to perform better, to be faster, leaner, build mass,  and attain an overall healthy and fit lifestyle. The NUMBER ONE barrier to achieving those results are the things you EAT.

We TRAIN and ask our clients to EAT with PURPOSE!

Beyond realizing that you are what you eat… you need to also understand that food powerful, it is either supporting you or it is killing you.  Every time you put something in your mouth you get to decide,  and that is what eating with purpose is all about.

One of the biggest mistakes people make everyday is choosing food based on cost and convenience, rather than feeling good and being healthy.   Before you pick up some pre-packaged meal in a box or a can or that fast food stop… consider this:

Processed Food vs. Whole Foods

  • Did you know that the same meal with the same calories but processed vs whole ingredients, can have dramatically different results? The same meal with whole food ingredients will burn 50% more calories than that from processed ingredients.
  • Digesting processed foods significantly decreases your metabolism, which affects you ability to sustain measurable  results of your strength training.
  • Whole food meals sustains energy much longer than that of a processed meal, rather than feeling like you hit a wall an hour after you eating you will be able to climb one.
  • Nutrients… if you going to eat the same thing, make sure you are getting everything you can out of that meal.  You get what you pay for with processed… food that has been depleted of almost all that is rich and nutritious.  Whole actually says it all, you are getting all that it came with and that includes the nutrients, fiber, minerals and the stuff your body needs to function and perform.

There are a lot of other studies and “scary” facts I could mention, and when you train with me at Arete chances are you’ll hear them, but the point is…  IF YOU WANT TOP PERFORMANCE why EAT in a way THAT IS DIRECTLY IN CONFLICT OF THAT?

Eat with Purpose and support your body and all that it does for you.  We can teach you the ropes to master your body and perform at levels you never thought possible, but we don’t decide what you put in your body… YOU DO!  CHOOSE WHOLE NUTRITIOUS FOODS… we’ll help you do the rest!

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