Holiday Survival Guide for Serious Athletes &
Our Fitness Minded Friends

So this is the time of year that if you were ever going to slack or veer off you usual disciplined track, December seems like a good excuse to give you a break and catch up on all the sugars, carbs and annual cravings, not to mention the couch calling you from over stuffing with stuffing!


You have worked to hard to get where you are at, to give into one month of cravings and couch riding!  You will lose momentum, muscle and catch up is a &%$! if you know what I mean.  So rather than just getting tough, we thought we also give you some alternatives so you don’t feel deprived and you stay strong the whole holiday season long and start the New Year ahead instead of making up for a few indulgent moments.










  • Do not miss your workout program!!! Busy time of year, I know… but plan and make your health and strength training program a priority.  Even if you have to make your work outs, less time, more frequency, different times of the day… do not miss it!  It will give you energy, burn those extra calories that may come your way and keep you toned to start the New Year.
  • High Intensity Program in Fact… If you can, schedule your highest intensity training right before big holiday parties and meals… Focus on training your large muscle groups with sprints, high volume repetitive lifts and avoid cardio, which increases cortisol (stress) and does not burn fat… by lifting and sticking to squats you will feel energized, burn more calories and sugar, while building muscle throughout the day.
  • Whole Organic Holiday Meals… If you cooking this holiday season, lucky you!  You get to make smarter choices by choosing the ingredients and dishes that will be delicious and keep you on track.  Choose organic meats, and vegetables, cut out the gluten, dairy and sugars and be creative with the choices that are already there, like sweet potatoes, turkey, fresh vegetables… what more do you need, really?  If someone else is hosting, bring a dish that is delish that you can fill up on, and make smart choices on the rest.
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Feast? Don’t skip meals in order to save up for the feast or heart attack on a plate later in the day.  In fact eat nuts and raw vegetables for breakfast and snacks around the big meal to avoid over eating and aid in digestion and the nutrients you might miss if your choices are limited.
  • A little toast anyone? Alcohol and the holidays usually go hand in hand, good advice is usually…  MODERATION, you will feel better anyways and not suffer the mild to sever side effects.  Things you can do to help prevent the side effects of alcohol are drink green tea, or take green tea supplements to reduce the oxidative stress alcohol puts on your body not to mention your liver, stay hydrated too, by drinking water between alcoholic drinks.
  • Get some ZZZZZ’s … Don’t let the busy-ness or the stress of the season keep you awake at night.  It is shown in several studies that lack of sleep even for a short period of time will increase cortisol levels, which leads to more fat in your mid section, a foggy and depressed state of mind and it also cause you to crave the very high saturated fats that are usually at your finger tips this time of year.
  • Omega 3’s… New years Tip: Why wait, start now!  We have all heard Omega 3’s are great for you, but even better to start around the Holidays when most meals lead to inflammation and higher insulin levels.  Omega 3’s are great for both and it also aids in burning fat,  we recommend taking a teaspoon or  supplement before every meal.


At Arete, we are not about deprivation, were about optimal health and performance.  If you are looking to start the New Year ahead of the game or even catch up, come in for a one hour complimentary session and we’ll show you how to have a healthy, fit lifestyle that takes your life, health and game to the next level!

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