Food Matters for our Families!
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OUR NEW FOOD REALITY. Watch this video.

I cannot stress enough the IMPORTANCE of this video. PLEASE take a moment to listen to it. I hope it OPENS your eyes, it may depress you a bit too, but ultimately it will INSPIRE you to make a positive change in your life, your family’s life and beyond.

This is WHY Arete Strength is the #1 advocate for athletes and their families in regards to their health, their well being and to spread this knowledge to OTHERS…

If you, as one of our athletes, a parent of one of our athletes or as one of our executive clients has ever questioned Arete Strength’s motives about food awareness and education and why we here at Arete Strength believe so strongly about the DRAMATIC IMPACT FOOD HAS ON YOU, this video explains a bit of it.

I have watched first hand how the American Food supply has affected me, my own family, especially my children, and friends.  I personally feel it is my priority and duty as a coach for the future athletes, and anyone who walks through the doors of Arete Strength, to learn not only about strength training and how to perform at their peak, but also the MAJOR importance of nutrition and how the foods they are consuming can destroy their potential to become something greater. Please watch- Thank You


Arete has a well rounded program that includes nutrition and diet… sometimes you just don’t know what’s helping you or hurting you.  Good thing we can help with that and these small changes could be all that’s standing between you and consistent, winning performance!

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Erik Johnson
Head Coach
Arete Strength.